DART means 'Disaster Assistance and Response Team'. It takes action after violent disasters as an international team of the humanitarian organisation GAiN (Global Aid Network).

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    Response types

    The main intervention of the DART consists in the provision of food, water, medical support, emergency shelter and trauma healing, always conducted with a long-term development perspective. The need for its involvement is based on the results of natural or man-made disasters, according to a case-by-case decision. The focus of the DART tasks can vary in each mission or shift over time, depending on the (especially human) resources available, and may also be achieved through cooperation with other organizations.

    How we work

    GAiN is an independent non-profit organization. We help every person in need, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. All GAiN offices and projects are financed through private donations or grants. DART members work voluntarily without payment. However, GAiN will cover all their expenses on a DART mission, including flight, accommodation, insurance etc. (Exception: The costs resulting from the disaster training have to be covered by each applicant individually.) For information, please, see the DART manual.

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